Ergobal's mission is to facilitate mind-body awareness in the individual as he/she interacts with the environment. For Example, at work, the field of Ergonomics aims to design furniture to fit the individual. While this helps in reducing discomfort on the body, it is incomplete in preventing Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs).

More often, the cause lies in the misuse of our bodies for the task at hand. For example, lets suppose a woman's chair, table and computer monitor are ergonomically correct, but she constantly pounds her keyboard too hard, ulnar deviates her wrist with her mouse and protracts her head forward. She may eventually experience symptoms of MSDs. To prevent or eliminate MSDs, it is crucial to identify the cause, not dwell in the symptoms.

At birth, our postural reflexes are intact. For example, if we observe small children at play, we will notice that their posture and movements are accomplished with minimum effort. This is because a child is totally focused in the present; whether it is playing with a doll or toy truck, the task at hand is all that matters until the child is interrupted by something more interesting. In contrast, as we grow older, the pressures of school, college and work create a worried mind. As a result, we tend to dwell in the past or future instead of focusing in the moment. This leads to undue muscle tension, stress and pain.

Using the Principles Of the Alexander Technique, a 100 year old proven Psycho-physical re-education method, I will teach you, with gentle hand guidance and verbal cues, to first identify habitual behavior that can cause undue tension and pain, and then give you the stimulus to move with greater ease and poise. Afterwards people report elimination or reduction of symptoms, greater freedom of movement, improved balance and coordination, appropriate control of muscle tension and an overall feeling of well being.


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Mr Alexander has done a service to the study of man by insistently treating each act as involving the whole integrated individual, the whole psychophysical man .
-Sir Charles Sherrngton