"Tony, thank you so much for showing me the Alexander Technique which enabled my back to heal more quickly. I knew there had to be something that I was doing to prevent me from healing since that one spot in my lower lumbar/sacral area would not heal and caused me constant pain. The anti-inflammatory drugs helped but as you know I still had a lot of pain and tension in that one area and for whatever reason, it just refused to heal. Little did I know the day I asked you to please work with me and watch how I was sitting and getting up from my chair to see if there was something I was doing wrong, that you would be able to help me. But as soon as you showed me the correct way to sit and to get up, the pressure in that one area started to minimize. After you showed me the next technique, leaning against the wall and squatting down and slowly coming back up, the pain stopped altogether. I couldn't believe it! With those two techniques I was no longer in pain!! When I came back the next day for my follow-up visit with the doctor, not only was I no longer in pain but I could bend and touch my toes and come back up, do side bends, and all the other exercises he put me through, with no pain or discomfort! He was absolutely amazed. And two days later, I was able to go on vacation and fly back to the East Coast, which is an 8 hour flight, with no pain or discomfort whatsoever! Upon my return to the Center for my final follow-up visit, I still did not have any pain or discomfort nor do I have any to date. I know that when my back gets a little tight from the stress of daily life, to just do those 2 little techniques that you showed me, and in minutes there is no longer any tenseness or tightness!! I can't thank you enough. I have had a history of lower back pain since I was pregnant with my son 23 years ago and this is the first time that I have healed so quickly. I know that it was the Alexander Technique!!! Tony, thank you so much for working with me!!! Have a fabulous day!"

Avis Robinson
Administrative Assistant


Hi Tony,

I'm doing very well but still get leg pains when I exercise too much especially with weight bearing exercise. Otherwise all's good. As far as the treatments you provided I thought they were excellent. They were stress relieving at a time when my body was extremely tense after surgery, and they helped me to learn a new awareness about how I move in ways that hurt my back. I began to think of my spine differently, as a part of my body that needed care just as I watch my diet to keep my cholesterol down.
I appreciate all you did for me. It made a big difference in my healing process.

I hope you are well too!

Beth Schecter

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The Alexander Technique has played an important part in my life. It keeps the body alive at ages when people have resigned themselves to irreversible decline. Those commited to it find they cannot do without it.- Robertson Davies, writer